Recreational School-Age Gymnastics

Bounce, balance, twist, and tumble in Recreational Gymnastics!

Through engaging activities, children will enhance vital attributes such as body awareness, strength, agility, and flexibility while having a blast with their peers. Led by our experienced instructors, this class is the perfect opportunity for kids to explore the world of gymnastics, build fundamental skills, and ignite their passion for movement and athleticism. From perfecting balance on the beam to conquering the bars, every class is a journey of discovery and achievement.

Athletes will have the opportunity to explore stations on vault, bars, beam, and floor. Each week they will be taken to two events that alternate weekly so they can get a well-rounded experience on all events and master those skills!

Classes are divided by age and levels, from beginner to more advanced, to ensure there is something for every boy and girl at every age!

Level 1 Ages 5-8