Preschool Recreational Gymnastics

Preschool Recreational Programs

Designed for students aged 18 months to 5 years, our Preschool Recreational Programs blend structured activities with imaginative play, fostering agility and confidence in a safe, supportive environment.

Students will explore jumping, tumbling, stretching, and twisting; improving their body awareness and nurturing a passion for physical activity. Stations and skill focus will differ depending on the specific class you select.

Parent/Tot Classes (ages 18 – 36 months)

Welcome to Champions Westlake’s Parent-Child class!

Class Objectives

The bond between parent and child flourishes in our Parent/Tot classes as they embark on an exciting journey of movement and discovery! Designed for children ages 18-36 months and accompanied by a parent or caregiver, our sessions offer a nurturing environment under the guidance of our experienced coaches. We understand all athletes learn at their own pace, and these classes can act as a wonderful transition into our Preschool programs for ages 3-5 years.

Kids are encouraged to climb, crawl, and jump from station to station, with a focus on basic motor patterns. We encourage and practice sharing, taking turns, and following instructions, to nurture each child’s social development. They will explore stations that involve bars, beam, floor, and vault.

How does it work?

At the beginning of each event, a Champions coach will explain how to move through each station, and how to best guide your child through it. After this quick demonstration to know the purpose of each activity, as well as what the skill will eventually look like, you will be free to participate with your child! Do not be discouraged if your child simply prefers to run or climb instead of practicing the intended activity. After all, running, jumping and climbing are essential skills, and we are happy to provide a safe, fun environment to practice all gross motor skills, as well as some more structured gymnastics as your child becomes ready. The goal is for each child to feel success with any and all attempts, so feel free to encourage, clap, and give high-fives! Repetition is key at this age, so it is a great idea to have your little one repeat skills and activities. If your child refuses, however, there is no need to force it. We want gymnastics at Champions to be a positive experience for you and your child!

Please feel free to ask the coaches, at any time, if you are unsure of the purpose of the activity, need help spotting your child, or need to make the activity more or less challenging.

Safety in the Gym

Parents and little ones share in the excitement of working through each station as partners, so it is important that you stay with your child and participate with them in class. Toddlers are curious in nature, therefore we expect that your child will want to wander off to explore. In order to ensure safety and maintain class organization, please follow your child and redirect them back to the group. We ask that you do not leave the group to explore the gym or other areas on you own. Remember, this class is specially designed for you and your child! Please remember to dress in athletic clothing that will allow you to participate comfortably. If someone else will be participating with your child, such as a nanny or grandparent, please share this information with them, as well.

We can’t wait to see you in class for this fun and nurturing experience!

Preschool Gymnastics (3-5 Years)

These classes provide an opportunity for pre-school aged children to improve the necessary focus, listening skills, discipline, and work ethic before they start grade school. Athletes will learn how to perform even more advanced gymnastics skills with more independence

Preschool Trampoline & Tumbling (3-5 Years)

The goal of the Atomic T&T gymnastics program is to provide a safe, challenging and exciting environment where students develop trampoline and floor skills. Preschool T&T will keep students engaged and motivated. We’re all about celebrating the little wins for the big picture!

Preschool Ninja (3-5 Years)

Our preschool ninja program teaches students to use thier body to navigate through obsticales in their environment. Ninja students will learn to safety jump, land, climb, and crawl in order to move efficently and creatively through their surroundings. Our preschool program starts with the fundamental skills that will help each student progress through the Ninja levels.