Nitro Competitive Gymnastics

Nitro Competitive Gymnastics

The Nitro Competitive Team prides itself on building a great gymnast from the ground up. We strive to provide a strong technical foundation principled in integrity, dedication, perserverence, and respect. With proper conditioning and skill progressions our Nitro gymnasts progress at optimum speed to ultimately prepare them for competition. Our coaches focus on creating a productive environment that emphasizes both technical training and essential life lessons that our athletes will carry with them long after they have left the gym.

• Developmental Teams: Bronze, Silver and Gold  

Developmental teams are the fundamental levels, which build up to the competitive levels.  Gymnasts will learn the necessary skills and/or routines that will direct them towards the compulsory program. Watching the passion and discipline that emerges in these young athletes is inspiring!

Although considered a developmental level, the Gold team will be introduced to competition by competing Level 2 compulsory routines in 3 designated meets during the season.  This will provide them the experience of competing as they anticipate entering the compulsory program.

• Compulsory Teams (Levels 3 – 5) : Quest, Impact, Excel and Peak

Compulsory levels have uniform routines that have been created by USA Gymnastics (the governing body of gymnastics in the US) and are taught across the country.  Each level is different and progressively harder with the goal of preparing athletes for the optional level. 

• Optional Teams (Levels 6 – 10)

These levels are included in the USAG Junior Olympic program. Each of the gymnasts has individual routines for every event to allow for greater personal creativity. As the athlete progresses through the levels, skills become more difficult and have higher point values based on the USAG code of points. 

Joining Nitro:

Nitro Team membership is by invitation only, and each new Nitro gymnast is required to do a 30-day trial period in order to ensure the proper fit and possible group placement.



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