KidSpark Preschool Gymnastics

Kid Spark Preschool Gymnastics

Designed for students aged 16 months to 5 years, our Kid Spark Preschool Gymnastics program focuses on teaching life skills and providing a strong athletic foundation through gymnastics. Children will learn about listening, following instructions, and paying attention by participating in circuits designed to improve motor skills and coordination. Students get to jump, tumble, stretch, and twist, enhancing their body awareness and instilling a love for physical activity. Classes will include a group warm-up, trampoline time, jumping in the foam pit, balance beam, bars, and lots more!

Baby Gym (ages 6 - 15 months) 

Baby gym is great for working your little one's fine motor skills and teaching balance as well as control in a gymnastics environment. It is also a great opportunity for parents to meet and socialize with other families in the community.

Preschool Playdate (ages 16 months - 5 years) 

Preschool Playdate is the perfect time to bring your preschooler to join us in supervised open gym time while they are accompanied by their parent. Not only will they be able to work on fine motor skills as well as balance and control in a gymnastics environment, it also provides parents the opportunity to meet other families within the community. 

Parent/Tot Classes (ages 16 – 36 months)

These classes are an opportunity for parents to work hands-on with their child on following directions, simple motor skills, and the basics of gymnastics with guidance from a coach.

Newly 3 Classes

This is a coach-led transition class between Parent/Tot and 3-5 year old classes. Parents will step away from the class, giving their child a chance to become comfortable and gain experience listening and following instructions with a smaller class size. Gymnastics skills will increase with more emphasis on learning basic technique and increasing strength.

3-5 Year Old Classes

These classes provide an opportunity for pre-school aged children to improve the necessary focus, listening skills, discipline, and work ethic before they start grade school. Athletes will learn how to perform even more advanced gymnastics skills with more independence.

2017-2018 Regular Season Schedule
​(August 21, 2017 - May 19, 2018)