Bravo Gymnastics Performance Team

Bravo Gymnastics Performance Team

Bravo is Austin's premier gymnastics performance team at Champions Westlake. Our athletes are trained in all four gymnastics events (uneven bars, beam, vault, and floor) in addition to dance technique elements. Through professional choreography and personalized training, we develop outstanding seasonal routines performed by Bravo athletes.

With four gymnastics performance levels showcasing our dynamic choreography, we perform at a variety of venues and events throughout the Austin area. By combining artistic and acrobatic gymnastics and tumbling, we develop elaborate and entertaining routines that we are proud to present.

Bravo Gymnastics Performance Team Levels
(Instructor approval required)

Developmental Levels: Level 1 and 2

Gymnasts will learn the necessary form, skills and etiquette that will direct them towards the higher program levels. It is exciting to watch the passion and discipline that emerges in these young athletes!

Although considered a developmental level, Level 1 and 2 will be included in Champions events and community performances throughout the BRAVO season. This will provide them the experience of performing as they anticipate entering the higher program levels.

Level 3

Level 3 has choreographed group routines which have been created by the program director and designated choreography coaches. Level 3 is different and progressively harder than Level 1 and 2 with the goal of preparing athletes for FORCE. Level 3 performs in both Champions and community events once a quarter throughout the season.

Level 4 - FORCE

FORCE is the highest level of BRAVO. This level has choreographed group routines which allow for greater personal creativity while adding more difficult and higher-valued skills. FORCE will perform in Champions events and community events at least once a quarter throughout the season.

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