10 Life Skills Learned From Gymnastics

By: Keri Monstrola
November 2, 2014

Being a gymnast has many positive lessons that are taught outside of the sport. Being a gymnast myself for 12 years, it has taught me many life skills and lessons that I will use for the rest of my life. Many of these skills gymnasts learn through the daily grind in the gym. These life lessons will help each gymnasts grow as a person as well as a gymnast. Let us know what gymnastics has taught you! 


It's recital time! Join us for our 2017 class recitals!

Champions Westlake Families, 

Class recitals will take place the week of May 15th.
Please see the recital schedule below:

Recitals held during normal class day/time:
Tyro Platinum (Held on the second day of class)
Kid Spark
Crush Rec 

Saturday (May 20th) during Open Gym Time:

Urban Motion Parkour:
7:00pm on their normal class day